welcome :)

Hey, I'm Isabella. I'm a big fan of decentralization, so that's how I got here. I didn't grow up on the early web, so I'm absolutely enchanted by all the personal sites and communities on here! I started this website to get away from mainstream social media, and I hope to make some internet pals along the way.

about me

I'm a full-time student planning on majoring in biology (hence the website title). I'm really interested in evolutionary biology and ecology, and hope to work in environmental science. Outside of classes, my hobbies include: gardening (vegetables as well as succulents), cooking, journaling, hiking & camping, and occasionally making a disastrous sourdough starter.

what's on this site?

To be honest, there's not much here yet. The blog page will (probably) be updated weekly, and there you can learn more about me and hear some tidbits from my life. The experimental page is just a disaster, but I'm hoping to use it to build a personality test (although that's probably way beyond my current skills, so it'll be a bit).

That's pretty much it, so enjoy these photos I took in the meanwhile.